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    Talking about refrigeration compressors in Shandong
    Author: Shan County Hengsheng Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd. Published: 2019-02-07 13:48:14
    Refrigeration compressor is the most important equipment in a refrigeration device, and is usually called the host in a refrigeration device. The increase of refrigerant vapor from low pressure to high pressure and the continuous flow and transportation of vapor are completed by the work of a refrigeration compressor.

    In other words, the role of the refrigeration compressor is:

    Absorb refrigerant vapor from the evaporator to ensure a certain evaporation pressure in the evaporator.
    Increase the pressure and compress the low-pressure and low-temperature refrigerant vapors into high-pressure and high-temperature superheated vapors to create conditions for condensation at higher temperatures (such as summer temperatures of about 35 ° C).
    Send and push the refrigerant to flow in the system to complete the refrigeration cycle.
    relevant information:
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