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    What kind of unit is selected for cold storage installation?
    Author: Shan County Hengsheng Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd. Published: 2019-01-22 18:28:42

    What kind of refrigeration equipment to choose when installing a cold storage is the most important. Nowadays, the range of cold storage capacity has not been included. Generally, the normal cold storage capacity is above 10000t, and the long-term cold storage capacity is between 1000 ~ 10000t. The refrigeration capacity is below 1000t. The refrigeration compressors used in cold storage are generally nutrient piston and screw type. The piston refrigeration compressor technology is the best and the thermal effect is good. This type of compressor has many wearing parts and many raw materials. The environment and production assistant bag are particularly difficult. Medium and large cold storage are more used. Of course, it is definitely a screw refrigeration compressor. His plastic shaping mechanism is easy to understand, with small size, few wearing parts, long maintenance time, safe and reliable shaking, long maintenance cycle, stable and reliable operation and convenient maintenance. This compressor is generally used in large cold storage.

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