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    Jining Cold Storage Installation Instructions
    Author: Shan County Hengsheng Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd. Published: 2019-11-10 22:56:35
    Jining Cold Storage Installation Instructions
    I. Material procurement and storage
    Welding materials: A secondary welding material library should be set up at the construction site, and dried, stored, received, and recycled in accordance with the specified requirements. Pressure pipeline components and welding materials shall be checked into the warehouse when entering the site. The materials used and acceptance status of the cold storage shall be marked. The marks shall be clear, firm and traceable. They shall be classified according to the inspection, qualified and unqualified. It shall be ensured that the pressure pipeline components have passed the safety registration.
    Strengthen management during the whole process of cold storage installation, design and construction
    All enterprises and competent departments are required to strictly check the qualifications of the participating units during the entire process of cold storage installation, design, and construction, to eliminate "supervisor projects" and "personal projects", and to prevent the "design, construction, and commissioning" of cold storage and "Self-design, self-installation, self-construction", pay particular attention to the qualification review of polyurethane construction units, and strengthen project site management.
    Drainage of cold storage
    The drainage in the storehouse is drained by a drainage pipe, but water often leaks out, so the drainage should be directed to a place where it can flow smoothly. A drain pipe should be installed on the drain pipe to prevent the leakage of cold air and the invasion of insects and rats. Unsettled pipes on the drain pipe can sometimes cause the unit to be corroded.
    Fourth, the cold storage should be installed in a strong and stable place
    The installation of combined cold storage requires a horizontal concrete base. When the foundation is tilted, the base should be repaired and flattened. If there is a problem, you can directly call Jining Cold Storage Installation Phone.
    Five, the cold storage is installed in a place sheltered from rain
    When the combined cold storage is used inside the house and installed outside the house, a room cover to block sunlight and rain should be installed.
    6. Pay attention to the surrounding environment when installing
    In hot places, not only the cooling efficiency will be reduced, but also the storage board may be damaged. In addition, the ambient temperature range to ensure the normal operation of the unit is within 35 degrees. Also leave room for overhaul of the unit.
    7. The cold storage is installed in a place with good ventilation and low humidity.
    After installation, condensation sometimes occurs before the concrete base is dry. When the humidity is abnormally high during the rainy season, dew condensation may appear on the joints of the board. In very small cases, dew may also occur on the repair of the board. These are temporary phenomena. Wipe if necessary.
    知识的介绍了,更多信息可以关注公司官网了解! The above is the introduction of Jining cold storage installation knowledge. For more information, you can pay attention to the company's official website!

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