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    What factors need to be considered for Jining cold storage installation
    Author: Shan County Hengsheng Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd. Published: 2019-10-05 16:17:19
    With the increase in freshness requirements of vegetables, fruits, meat and other foods, more and more people are installing cold storage in our country. It is common to install cold storage in large and small towns. Today our editors What are the comprehensive factors that should be considered for cold storage installation ?
    1. The cold storage is installed in a well-ventilated, low-humidity area. After the installation, sometimes condensation water will appear before the concrete base is dry. When the humidity is abnormally high during the rainy weather, condensation will appear on the joints of the boards. In very small cases, condensation will also occur during the renovation of the boards. These are temporary phenomena, and must be carried out when necessary. wipe.
    2. The installation of the combined cold storage in a strong and stable area requires a horizontal concrete base. The base is basically tilted. When it is uneven, it is necessary to repair and level the base.
    3. The combination type cold storage room is installed in the room where it is protected from light and rain. When it is installed outside the house, a roof that blocks sunlight and rain should be installed.
    4. The cold storage room should leave the heating appliances in hot areas. Not only will the water cooling efficiency decrease, but sometimes the storage board will be damaged. In addition, the ambient temperature range to ensure the normal operation of the generator set is within 35 degrees. It is also necessary to leave room for maintenance of the generator set.
    5. Regarding the drainage pipes in the drainage pipe warehouse, drainage pipes are used for drainage. Water will often come out, so direct the drainage pipe to an area where it can flow smoothly. U-shaped pipes must be installed on the drainage pipes. U-shaped pipes can be installed to prevent the leakage of air-conditioners, insects and mice. The U-shaped pipe is not installed on the drainage pipe, which sometimes causes the generator set to suffer corrosion.

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