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    How to quickly remove mold in cold storage?
    Author: Shan County Hengsheng Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd. Published: 2018-09-14 16:19:27
    Although the temperature inside Leng Ke is very low, it is not suitable for mold growth, but because it is relatively humid inside, there will also be a hotbed for bacteria growth. Once the mold is breeding, the contents inside will be contaminated by mold. The air is not circulating, which makes the density of mold spores too high, and the moldy smell of cold storage affects the mood of the staff. Therefore, the mold must be removed in a timely manner. Next, we will tell you how to quickly remove mold from the Jining cold storage installation .
    1. Wipe with a wet cloth dipped in washing powder, and then rinse with water

    2. Use biocides. When choosing a biocide, you must pay attention to its safety. It is non-corrosive to the equipment, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, and has strong sterilization ability. Food grade; easy to save, low cost of use; verified by relevant government departments.

    3. Air washing method. This method uses a water sprayer to remove mold. Everyone installs it at the air inlet, and then it will produce a water curtain to flush away the mold spores.

    4. Formaldehyde method. That is the formalin steam method. This method can be detoxified and sterilized, but formalin has a strong odor. If it is cut by meat, it cannot be eaten. At the same time, formalin is very irritating to people. Pay attention to safety when using it.

    5. Wipe with a dry cloth dipped in soapy water, then rinse with water and dry.

    The above is the method of removing cold mold in our Jining cold storage installation. I hope it can help everyone.
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