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    How to maintain Jining cold storage in winter
    Author: Shan County Hengsheng Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd. Published: 2019-09-28 15:15:57
    With the advent of winter, the temperature will soon drop below zero, and the demand for cold storage is not so important. How should the cold storage be maintained in winter? The Jining cold storage manufacturer introduces his maintenance method below!
    Keep the cold storage power supply system dry and clean to prevent the power supply system from getting wet and leaking electricity. Prevent the electrical appliance from getting wet and puncture the insulation layer. Especially in the season of yellow plum, we must do a good job of preventing moisture and mildew.
    Regularly check the operating conditions of the compressors and fans of the cold storage for abnormal noises. When you hear abnormal noises, such as metal collision sounds, motor buzzing sounds, and shell vibration sounds, you should immediately stop the machine to find out the sound source. Exclude.
    Regularly check the operating conditions of the cold storage, mainly controlling electrical appliances (strong electrical parts), such as relays and protective appliances. And clean the electrical board to protect a good operating environment.
    Regularly check the operating status of the refrigerating system of the cold storage, and check the suction and exhaust temperature of the compressor by hand. Units that can be connected to pressure gauges should be equipped with pressure gauges to detect high and low pressure conditions. Observe the refrigerant flow in the sight glass to determine the amount of refrigerant in the system.
    Regularly check whether there are oil spots on the welding points and joints of the connection pipes of the cold storage refrigeration system. Leak detection should be performed where there are oil spots.
    Cold storage units should not be operated in air-conditioned rooms above 30 ° C for a long time. That is, the long-term operation of the refrigeration unit under overload conditions will reduce the operating life of the unit and easily damage the moving parts of the compressor.
    Frequently check whether the plug of the cold storage unit is in good contact with the socket.
    The above is the introduction of the relevant knowledge about winter maintenance of Jining cold storage. For more information, you can follow the company's official website to learn about it!

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