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    Cold storage installation points
    Author: Shan County Hengsheng Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd. Published: 2019-03-09 17:41:04
    1. Cold storage unit installation The location of the cold storage unit is as close to the evaporator as possible, and it is easy to maintain and have good heat dissipation. If it is moved outside, a rain shelter is required. The four corners of the cold storage unit need to be equipped with shock-proof gaskets. The installation level is firm and not easy to be touched by people. With.
    2. Radiator installation of the cold storage unit The position of the radiator should be as close as possible to the cold storage unit. It is better to be on the upper side of the cold storage unit. The radiator installation position has the best heat dissipation environment. The air inlet cannot face the air outlet of other equipment, especially oily. The gas and air outlet must not be short-circuited and face other windows (especially residential windows) and equipment. The ground should be 2M high and the installation level should be firm.
    3. Discharge of copper pipes of the cold storage unit All copper pipes need to be separately insulated and wrapped with air conditioning cable ties together with the wires in the same direction. Straighten the pipeline as much as possible and fix it in sections.
    4. Exhaust of wires All wires should be protected by corrugated hoses or cable troughs, except for air-conditioning cable ties. The temperature display wires should not be routed alongside the wires as much as possible.
    5. Cold storage refrigeration system connection The condenser and evaporator of the cold storage unit are sealed and sealed in the factory. Therefore, when opening, there should be pressure to check for leaks. The factory copper pipes should have dust-proof measures at both ends. Also pay attention to sealing at any time to prevent dust from entering the tube, condenser → cold storage host → evaporator, copper pipe connection by welding method, the interface is firm and beautiful.
    Configure the wires according to the performance of each electrical appliance, the wire diameter meets the requirements, the joints are firm, and the protection can not be saved through the pipe, and the power is connected correctly. The wires enter the hole of the evaporator junction box and need to be sealed by silica gel. If the lamp is connected to more than 36V, a ground wire is required. The power supply in the cabinet of the cold storage unit requires a three-phase five-wire system, which must be reliably grounded.
    The temperature controller of the cold storage unit is fixed on the top plate of the cold storage unit. The probe and the temperature display probe pass through the evaporator air outlet of the cold storage unit and are suspended. The defrost temperature controller of the cold storage unit is also fixed on the top plate, and the probe is perforated into the cold storage unit. The return port of the evaporator, the probe is inserted into the fins (not close to the heating tube).
    If it is impossible to get on the roof of the cold storage, fix the temperature control and defrost temperature control to the rear corner of the evaporator in the cold storage. All the connection points are sealed, and the other is the same as above. The balance hole (pressure equalizing valve) should not be installed in a conspicuous place or on the air outlet riser. The height is a 200MM opening down from the upper part of the cold storage riser. All parts that pass through the cold storage board, and the gaps between the cold storage board and the components need to be sealed with sealant.
    Cold storage unit evaporator installation specification 1 Installation content First open the lifting screw holes, and open the copper pipe and electric wire holes, the last two holes should be trimmed to prevent hidden dangers from the quick opening, the back of the evaporator with the drainage pipe and the standing The plate is positioned at 300MM, the evaporator drainage hole is perpendicular to the pre-installed drainage hole position of the vertical plate, and the height difference between the two is 250MM. 50MM inside the board, the outside of the drainage pipe is insulated, no heating wire is needed for refrigeration, the other is the same. 2 Lifting Note that the inlet of the evaporator should not face the cold storage door. The evaporator should be hung at the longest end of the cold storage. The outlet of the evaporator should not face the door.

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