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    The air cooler is mainly divided into wet curtain, shell, electric control and so on.

    Wet curtain is also called water curtain. It has a honeycomb structure and is made from base paper. The production process is roughly sizing, drying, corrugating, shaping, gluing, curing, slicing, grinding, deodorizing, etc.
    In China, there are usually three types of wave heights: 5mm, 7mm, and 9mm. The ripples are 60 ° × 30 ° staggered and 45 ° × 45 ° staggered.
    The high-quality wet curtain is made of a new generation of polymer materials and space cross-linking technology. It has the advantages of high water absorption, high water resistance, mildew resistance and long service life. And the evaporation is larger than the surface, the cooling efficiency is more than 80%, does not contain surfactants, naturally absorbs water, the diffusion speed is fast, and the performance is durable. A drop of water can diffuse for 4 to 5 seconds. The international standard for natural water absorption is 60 ~ 70mm / 5min or 200mm / 1.5hour.
    The high-quality wet curtain does not contain chemicals such as phenol which can easily cause skin irritation. It is non-toxic and harmless to the human body when installed and used, and is green, safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and economical.
    Under non-working conditions, wet curtains are extremely flammable. Pay attention to fire prevention during installation and water shortage.
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