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    What are the basic steps of cold storage installation
    Author: Shan County Hengsheng Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd. Published: 2018-07-05 09:25:12
    冷库安装 的基本步骤有哪些。 For cold storage installation, it seems simple, but in fact, it contains a lot of installation details. From the early site selection to the later system installation, there are a lot of steps in the middle, including manual organization, machinery entry, warehouse body. Splicing, external wall perforation, drainage pipeline device, support bracket device, riveting device main line, main line insulation, master line laying, indoor unit interface fixation, outdoor unit hanger interface fixation, blowout inside the pipeline, pressure test, A series of processes such as drain pipe leak test, internal vacuum extraction, internal fluorine filling, test machine commissioning, operation, rectification, and acceptance all require our attention. Next, we will specifically explain the basic steps of cold storage installation .
    First of all, we must pay attention to the choice of storage location. In the market, there are many types of cold storage. These different cold storages have different usage characteristics and adapt to the environment. When selecting the storage site, you need

    Consider the factors of convenient transportation and market connection. The construction of cold storage is best in the shade without sunlight and frequent hot wind. If it is a small cold storage, it should be built indoors.

    Then, determine the volume of the cold storage. Its volume should be determined according to the quantity and volume of the product that the manufacturer needs to save. This capacity is based on the volume that the stored product must occupy in the cold storage. At the same time, the area of the aisle must not be forgotten.

    Second, choose insulation materials for the cold storage. The selection of its thermal insulation materials also needs to be determined according to the specific use of the cold storage. To ensure good thermal insulation effects, there are several types of thermal insulation materials. One is a plate processed into a fixed shape and specification with a fixed length. , Width and thickness, you can choose the library board of the corresponding specifications according to the needs of the library body installation.

    Finally, choose a cooling system. If it is a small cold storage, it is recommended to choose a fully enclosed compressor. The price is cheaper and the power is relatively small. The choice of cold storage cooling system is mainly the choice of cold storage compressor and evaporator. Semi-hermetic compressors are generally used for medium-sized cold storage; semi-hermetic compressors are used for large-scale cold storage.

    冷库安装 工作了,安装时一定要注意冷库的密封效果,库板与元件缝隙需用密封胶密封,保证不能让冷气外漏,也不能让环境中的热气进入到冷库之中。 After all the above steps have been selected, the cold storage installation can be officially carried out. When installing, you must pay attention to the sealing effect of the cold storage. The gap between the storage board and the components must be sealed with a sealant to ensure that the cold air cannot leak out and the environment The hot air enters the cold storage.

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